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"Joe Castagno is a very thorough dog trainer. He explains things step-by-step and makes learning both enjoyable and easy to understand. Motivated K9 has helped me improve the relationship and communication between myself and my canine companions."
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Get to know owner and head trainer Joe Castagno IV

Joe Castagno

Owner and Head Trainer


Thank you for visiting Motivated K9 Dog Training – Whether you are a new dog or puppy owner introducing your new companion into your home and family, or you lead an active lifestyle and need a well-mannered dog to accompany you throughout your day, or you are looking to gain a partner to help keep you and your loved ones safe and secure with a personal-protection canine, look no further!

Established in 2010, Motivated K9 Dog Training offers the Concord NH area a balanced training approach to real-world obedience.  We offer obedience training in private and group lessons, as well as behavior modification sessions for aggressive or fearful dogs. We also offer private personal or sport protection training as well as a “board and train” program. All owners will receive a free consultation to meet you and your dog, evaluate your dog’s behaviors and abilities and get to know your expectations and limitations.

Balanced dog training means we use multiple training styles and approaches for each dog and owner, we do not use one “boxed” approach because we understand that all dogs and owners are individuals. However, our main focus is on positive, reward-based reinforcement to help shape desired behaviors.  Our obedience programs will teach basic and advanced commands such as: sit, down, stay, come (reliable recall), loose-leash heeling as well as “good manners” behavior modification to help with common problems such as: pulling on leash, whining/barking, nipping/biting, aggression problems as well as any specific issues you are facing. Let us help you find what works best for you.

Through owner education-based training we don’t just teach your dog to obey, we educate YOU to be the best owner possible.

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